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Michael Peterson (1998, p. 1) writes,
Something is dreadfully wrong with our world. An earthquake kills hundreds in Peru. A pancreatic cancer patient suffers prolonged, excruciating pain and dies. A pit bull attacks a two-year-old child, angrily ripping his flesh and killing him. Countless multitudes suffer the ravages of war in Somalia. A crazed cult leader pushes eighty-five people to their deaths in Waco, Texas. Millions starve and die in North Korea as famine ravages the land. Horrible things of all kinds happen in our world—and that has been the story since the dawn of civilization.

God! Only physically tired, but also…mentally sick. Hate to witness that happiness which is not belonging to me. Friends laughing, children smiling, sun shining, bird chirping, whatever and whatever…all these are not my business. So, just get away from me. Well, the afternoon of this Monday seems so blue.

Give me a reason to survive, if I still consider as a friend to you. My mind blue likes the rainy sky. Funeral blue, funeral march, and funeral songs…what kind of ceremony I am looking for, in order to complete my life? Is it still young to live or too young to die? Miserable afternoon


Fish, what are you doing under the water? The weather in Antarctica is pretty cold, and the atmospheric pressure is low. I can’t even have a deep breath here. I think I better migrate to somewhere else. Indeed, I’m learning all these skills to keep out the cold. I’ve no ideas whether I will die under the iceberg or eaten by that group of wolfs. Weep** Anyway, I still looking for the fire in this freezing world. Haha…fish, good luck la! The journey is still long and hard.



Err…some said we do not speak because we think; we think because we speak. Umm, it might be correct. However, crap or words just fly out from my mouth most of the time. In nowadays situation, people just simply ter-say something, which did not go through their logical thinking. Time after time, I have picked this habit along the growth journey. Now, speaking has a big different from thinking. Seriously, it is a sad thing to confess. Hopefully, I will return to that condition: “Shut up and think, to speak is to think”

Somehow, I feel that my writing is more attractive than what I am speaking in reality. Haha...

,,`, ,,`,


Fish, I went for the eyes check-up yesterday. Too bad! The degrees are sharply increased like the crime rate (God, I just change my spectacles). I still suspect is there any mistake of the machine. Well, without the specs...I feel like floating on air! Everything seems so uncertain, unsure and hesitant; haziness of the visual image let me feel scare.
Fish, don't stand too far away from me, I'm afraid that I will not see you again.

Flash!! Click on it can See!!

A flash...So funny, click and see!!

Penguin's first kiSS

Recently, my house seems so quiet without the noise from my brother.
Since nobody share the potato chips with me, I put on some weight so quickly. And, nobody give me a hand when the stupid lizard appears in front of me.
Ya ya ya…it’s time for me to learn about “GROWTH”.
Actually, I learn a lot of things lately…let’s me tell you!
Now, I’m can to fix the computer all by myself.
Now, I’m dare to walk on the darkly corridor strike midnight.
Now, I’m able to carry 8 container of “good day” milk up to 5th floor.
Now, I‘m able to tolerate with the death silence.
Now, I practice the solo of sons well.
Well, instead of crying, I have to smile and learn how to say: It’s not a big deal, I can overcome it!!!”
Come on! Stand up and walk yourself. Start your journey and make your own choice.
Muahaha, those days were gone!

People live in the city like a hamlet on the wheel, busy to pursue pleasure, money, status, or material incentive. Despite of the rhythm of this crazy world, I insist to follow my own pace, work on my own pace. Eventually, I failed! The critics come so quickly to condemned my life being too aimless and free.
Never-before sadness is sitting around the corner and turns me off. I pretend I don't care, not to swipe my tears away.
The hollow laugh from me has highlighted the cancer that's invading my mind - the mixing of emptiness and hopeless. My future just like a kite which hanging on the tree…stuck! Thinking whether fly up to the sky or drop down to the ground. I'm poor in decision-make :(


In the summer of 2004, I read extensively about adult's world in order to formulate my opinion about the future. Soon, I found that, people (or what we called adult) are not easy to deal with. They tricky, forgetful, used to go back on they’re words, change irregularly, complicated and unpredictable. Agree? Whatever, who promised to stay already gone! The only things that I can do are, to blame myself for childish and ignorant.


How's your life there? i'm listening to the theme song of the movie-forest gump
Fresh and light!!
Well, summer is coming!!
I want to spend my holiday with few of my friends or family.
Walking along the beach, taking some good picture, picking up those sea-shell, talking to each other, smiling and blah blah blah
hahaha...summer is coming!! (And my birthday also)

Today, I have watched a Japanese Movie called "il mare"
I think, there has a door called 'death',
If this door is open, I walked toward it and never return again.
However, time will pass and the scenery will change, crying has no meaning when  I think about those days again.
A girl shouldn't be staying awake during sleeping hour and keep thinking of these deep question
Yes mom, I'm going to sleep. Oyasuminasai!  m(_ _)m


The weather is very awful.

It's the time to leave and stay

When I try to use your angle and look into the world, which you're staying in.

I can see the differences...clear and obvious.

Then I realize...the cat will never understand the standard of freedom for a fish...

And the fish will never know y the cat enjoys its loneliness.

Following the presence of rainbow, you return to the world that you belong, nothing happens!


It's the Mother's day...
Also there is the Father's day.
But, why not make the Son's Day or Daughter's Day.
Business may improve. wow.
Most of the national holidays are made for commercialism, who makes these days?'s a consumption society
Wish all the mothers healthy and happy forever!!
"Happy mother's day"


Pigeons still on the street lamp...6 weeks ago, two of them standing there...talking, hugging, loving each othe.
Last week, she absented and, will never come back again! Next morning, I saw its body on the street…
Then, I heard the cried and mumbled of him from day till night on the street lamp. One week later…he found a new partner.
Soon, they're singing outside my window happily.
The lesson tells me that, no thing that cannot be replaced by something else.
I think so...actually, I don't know