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10 tips to make a good picture:


1: don't run out of film.
2: don't leave your camera at home, in the car etc. haha...carry it as possible as you can!
3: try more angle before you pull your trigger.
4: keep your eyes open and connected to your brain.
5: study photographs wherever you find them, especially if they are being used to sell something.
6: don't be afraid to copy a style you like, but try to add something of your own to it.
7: a weak image will look better if you make it bigger.(maybe)
8: eat your culls. and cull a lot!
9: don't stay inside when the weather is bad.
10: know the weather and light of your area, and keep an eye open for something interesting.

Here's link to some photography's website

Some 3D pictures...nice to see!!

Bryan Lemasters Photography - Landscape Gallery

Sunset in KL

1st PicTure:
Sunset...i captured such a wonderful skyline from my window. Surprise?
I actually advice from one of my lecturer:
visualize your photos before taking them,
plan ahead if you want to do sunsets or sunrises or even street shots!

Sunset in KL


That was a summer's afternoon during exam break. Home alone!

The moment is totally silence (Trust me! the silence of the sky is more musical than any song)
But, I clearly know the answer now. Those clouds keep moving, and the sky keep changing all the time from day to night, from dawn to sunset.
Every movement of the sky is news, right?

Reflection on Lake


2nd PicTure: Reflection of the Tree in the Lake
If you're ready to shoot and you're standing, go down on your knees. 
You'll get a completely different and unexpected view.